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Welcome to Bob's Track Shack!

Some people collect beer cans, some matchbooks, some dolls, some antique cars, some baseball caps, some pop bottles, some coins, some old medicine bottles, some baseball cards, some civil war relics, some books, some old glassware, I collect eight tracks.

My collection has grown and grown over the years. I have collected 91,581 eight track tapes, 701 eight track players and thousands of eight track accessories.

I've outgrown the "track shack" and since we moved to Peoria, I have over 60,000 tapes and over 450 players in storage. I'm in the process of trying to find an organization in Peoria that has a building, to set up an 8 Track Museum, with all the proceeds going to help disabled veterans.

"Trackerbob is my name, tracking is my game"



Eight Track Players

Eight track players are getting harder and harder to find. Most of my most recent players are coming from people who have found out about my collection. There are many different styles of players.

* Portables

* Self Contained

* Component Decks

* AM/FM/8 Track

* Phonograph/8 Track

* Cassette/8 Track

* Double Cassette/8 Track

* Projector/8 Track

* Game Players

* One/Two/Three/Five and Twelve  Tape Players

* Reel to Reel/8 Track

* Car Players

* AM/FM/Clock/Radio/8 Track

* Karaoke 8 Track

* 4 Track

* Mini 4 Track

* Large Cartridge 4 Track

* Play Tape

* Four Channel

* Circle Of Sound

* Double Eight Track

These players are in a variety of styles, colors and finishes.

8 Track Accessories

* Head Cleaners

* Alignment Tapes

* Blank Tapes

* Adapters

* Cases

* Swivel Holders

* Manuals

Types of 8 Tracks

* Rock N Roll  * Instrumental * Sound Effects

* Hard Rock * Harmonica * Organ

* Country Western * Comedians

* Gospel * Banjo * Disco * Swing Era

* Instructional * Environmental

* The Bible * Trucker Tapes * Ktel

* John Deere * Walt Disney *Auto

* Comedy * Mitch Miller Sing A Longs

* Original Sound Tracks * Old Time Radio

* Foreign Languages * Disco * Limbo

* Dance Instructions * Christmas * Entertainers

* Various Languages * Hypnosis * Orchestras





This site will be updated as time permits.

Where to Find 8 Tracks, Players and Accessories?

* Ebay  * Garage Sales  * Auctions 

 * Thrift Stores * Internet Web Sites 

* Flea Markets  * Radio Stations

* Resale Shops * Friends

The best weekend hobby is tracking. The best places in our area are thrift stores and auctions. Flora, Olney, Mount Vernon, Effingham, Lawrenceville, Vincennes, Terra Haute, Evansville, Fairfield, St. Louis and Peoria.

One row of my collection...

I have been interviewed on three live radio shows, one in Rochester, Minnesota, Flora and Chicago, Illinois. Recently I was interviewed by Ripley's Radio Internet Podcast.  Ripley's Believe It Or Not did an internet cartoon on me February 10, 2010. I have also been featured on four Television Stations; KXLT 47 in Rochester, Minnesota, KSDK Channel 5 in St. Louis,  WTVW Channel 7 in Evansville, and WTHI Channel 10 in Terre Haute, Indiana. The Advocate Press in Flora, Illinois ran a full page feature story on the collection along with other story's and The Home Town Journal also of  Flora, Illinois published numerous articles about the collection. The Dallas Observer ran a story on an eight track museum in Texas and interviewed other eight track collectors and my proposed eight track non profit museum in Flora, Illinois. American Profile Magazine published a full page feature story on my collection.  Ripley's Beleive It Or Not, "Strikingly True" publication that came out in September 2011. Peoria Journal Star, April 11, 2012, April 10,2013, November 15, 2013, February 21, 2014 and June 25, 2014.



"Trackerbob is my name, tracking is my game"